The main features of orthopedic pillows

The main features of orthopedic pillows

Orthopedic pillows: how to choose them, so that it was comfortable to sleep? It’s very simply – you just need to carefully read their characteristics. The description always specifies the height and degree of rigidity of these bedding items separately and whether you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side depends on the choice of the latter. So, in the first case, if you prefer to spend most of the night lying on your back, then the pillow should be chosen lower and tougher, and if on your side, you can afford a softer and high pillow.

So, modern technologies today even invaded the realm of human sleep, making it not only comfortable and carefree, but also truly safe, so now everyone knows the saying about a healthy dream has become not just words, but an integral part of our lives.

How to choose a baby pillow

At present, the choice of a baby pillow becomes quite a challenge for parents, because these products are offered on the market in a very wide range. It is difficult for them to choose a suitable pillow for their child, which will optimally combine factors such as shape, size, appearance and quality of their filler.

Baby pillows

There are more than one kind of such pillows. For example, cushions for newborn babies should have an angle of inclination not more than thirty degrees. On such a child it is easy to breathe and, accordingly, the risk of flooding decreases. They are filled with synthetic filler, which is made of foamed polyurethane. For babies, you can choose a special pillow, the filler of which allows air to pass through. The task of such products is to prevent the syndrome of sudden death of the baby – the filler material will not let the child suffocate even if the child accidentally bites his nose into it.

It should be noted that when the baby grows a little, he needs a pillow, which provides the correct position of the body during rest and sleep. Therefore, when choosing a baby pillow, parents should take into account not its appearance, but pay special attention to the fillers used, because in modern products can be used both natural and synthetic materials.