The use a tempurpedic pillows

The use a tempurpedic pillows

What are the differences between a tempur-pedic and ordinary pillows?

Usual cushions are made of feather filler, these products are quite heavy, due to which they are difficult to change the shape. A conventional pillow does not provide the necessary straightening of the spine during sleep. While resting on such a product, a person’s head stays all night or rolls down or lies so uncomfortably that a person wakes up with a headache. Orthopedic pillows during sleep fully support the head, do not allow it to roll down and take exactly the bend that is needed by a particular person, depending on the constitution, the shape of the neck and head, body weight.

Why do I need a tempur-pedic pillow?

Correctly selected orthopedic pillow prevents the development of osteochondrosis of all parts of the spine, allows a good sleep and due to hypoallergenic filler, prevents the onset of asthma attacks. That is why such tempur pillows are getting more and more positive customer’s reviews. Their use prevents further dystrophic changes in the vertebrae, relieves pain and in combination with traditional therapy restores the functionality of the spine.

The use of a tempur-pedic pillow with orthopedic effect from the earliest childhood influences the formation of correct posture, prevents the development of scoliosis, which is especially necessary in children with a congenital predisposition to these problems.

Continuous use of a tempurpedic neck pillow with orthopedic effect provides:

– Physiologically advantageous position for the neck, head and entire spine during night rest;
– Normalization of blood circulation in vessels located in the cervical region;
– Unloading the cervical region, relieving tension from the muscles of the neck, neck, and shoulder.

Due to these useful functions, the depth of sleep and its quality improves, which allows a person to sleep and feel cheerful for a shorter period of time than using a square and rigid pillow.