How to choose an orthopedic pillow for sleep

neck support pillows

Over the years, one of the signs of prosperity in the family was the presence of large down pillows, which often even passed from grandmothers to their children. However, times change, and today we know that fluff is not the best material for this sleeping accessory. Down pillows absorb moisture, because they periodically have to be dried, they strongly permeate during sleep, causing poor posture in children, do not remove heat, which causes local overheating of the head, sweating and acne.

And of course, feathers and bird flu contribute to the manifestation of allergic reactions in humans to these predisposed people, since in itself this animal material is a rather powerful allergen.

But everything is changing. The new century has given mankind unique technologies and new materials for the production of completely new, safe and comfortable tempurpedic pillows. Today, we will tell you how to choose orthopedic pillows, the use of which allows the neck and head of a sleeping person to take an anatomically correct position, contributing to a normal blood supply to the brain, free breathing and preventing the development of diseases of the cervical spine.