The main features of orthopedic pillows

The main features of orthopedic pillows

One of the most popular today are orthopedic pillows made of foamed latex, incidentally, a natural material obtained from the juice of special rubber plants. Actually, this, as well as its unique properties and durability, can explain quite high prices for this bedroom accessory. Usually, such bedding has a special anatomical shape with a hollow for the head and rollers to support the neck. They differ in both stiffness and height.

There are other, even more modern and technological fillers, such as Memory Foam, which have the ability to “memorize” the shape of the head of a sleeping person by heating the material with the natural heat of the human body. With any movement, the Memory Foam is elastic and gently supports the neck and head, without back pressure. In this case, the absence of pressure improves blood supply, which reduces anxiety and the number of turns during sleep.